Clear Braces Brooklyn Heights
Clear Braces Brooklyn Heights, NY

Luckily, traditional metal braces aren’t the only kind of braces around anymore. With the latest and more advances treatments offered today some orthodontist, like Dr. Mani Alikhani, Dr. Thomas Lien and the team at House of Orthodontia, offer clear braces to their patients in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Clear braces, or also known as ceramic braces, help individuals with cosmetic concerns correct the problems they may with their teeth in a more discreet manner.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

With them, teens and adults can go through orthodontic treatment without being self-conscious. Since they are obviously clear it would be difficult for the casual observer to notice if you’re wearing braces.

-Clear: They match the color of your teeth so technically they aren’t clear, but they are hard to notice since they blend in with your smile.

-Less parts: The metal parts that are worn with regular braces you don’t have to wear with clear braces. They involve a lot less hardware which means less irritation and more comfort.

-Effective: The ceramic braces work just as well as regular braces. They can treat some of the more severe orthodontic problems.

How do clear braces work?

The make of clear braces include larger parts and can be more brittle which may require more attention to oral hygiene. The ceramic material is customized to match the shape of your teeth exactly which makes wearing them more comfortable and helpful when shifting your teeth into an appropriate place. They don’t include any arch-wires or rubber-bands to hold your teeth into place. And since the color matches the color of your teeth you can still maintain and professional outlook and hold conversations with your peers without feeling awkward and insecure.

What better way to perfect your smile than with clear braces? The team at House of Orthodontia can determine whether clear braces will be the right decision for you living in Brooklyn Heights, NY. They want you to have the most comfortable treatment plan possible that will leave you with a smile you can be confident about.

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