Braces for Adults Brooklyn Heights

Braces are no longer just for teens. It’s common to believe that only kids and teens can wear braces, but that is not true. Many adults are being treated with braces in Brooklyn Heights, NY every day. About 20 percent of patients with braces are adults. Dr. Mani Alikhani, Dr. Thomas Lien and the team at House of Orthodontia offer braces for adults.

For patients who have had braces growing up may find that they need them again as adults. That’s because as you get older your teeth can shift causing discomfort and a smile you are self-conscious about.

What braces for adults options are offered at House of Orthodontia?

Luckily with today’s latest and more advanced treatment options, traditional metal braces aren’t the only kind offered. For some adults, having a professional look can really determine their placement in the work place. But if you’re wearing flashy metal braces it can be a little more difficult for colleagues to take you seriously.  So more braces for adults options are being offered at orthodontist offices in Brooklyn Heights, such as House of Orthodontia, every day.

Some of the braces for adults options offered for patients with cosmetic needs include:

-Clear/ceramic braces which are made from a ceramic material that matches the color of your teeth. This allows the braces to look seemingly invisible and less obvious to a casual observer. The parts are larger and more brittle, so it does require more attention to oral hygiene.

-Lingual braces are hidden behind your teeth. They are molded to match the shape of your teeth perfectly. Since the parts are placed behind the shape of your teeth, there is nothing showing on the front surface of your teeth. No one will notice that you are wearing a form of braces.

-Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that are made to be comfortable and removable. The aligners are an invisible wear and you can eat, drink, brush and floss regularly as long as you remove the aligners. Although many people gravitate towards this treatment option, it can’t correct the more severe problems like regular braces can.

It’s important to identify what the issues are with your teeth before deciding a treatment option. For adults looking to wear braces in Brooklyn Heights, NY, reaching out to the team at House of Orthodontia is essential. When choosing braces for adults make sure you know what you’re trying to correct and have some knowledge about what option will work best for you making you comfortable and correcting the problem.

Dr. Mani Alikhani, Dr. Thomas Lien, and the team at House of Orthodontia are expert orthodontists. If you have any questions pertaining to braces, clear braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen, there are 2 convenient locations; Brooklyn – Cobble Hill, NY, Brooklyn Heights, NY, Boerum Hill, NY; or Manhattan – East Village, NY, Grammercy Park, NY, Stuyvesant Town, NY.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today and contact House of Orthodontia.